With Kube, the choice is simple.

Clean water should be simple. With Kube, full-flow, limitless filtered water comes straight from your tap and at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Filling a pot, making formula, getting a glass of water – it’s as easy as turning on your faucet. The way it should be.


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Make your baby's bottles with clean, filtered Kube water.

The Kube System

Water is good for you, but is the water in your home good to you? Kube is an advanced water filtration system that provides clean, clear, thirst-quenching water straight from your tap.  You tap will dispense the water you crave for watering plants, filling your pet's bowl, brewing coffee, making formula, cooking without chemicals or drinking that tall glass of water.  With no tools and no drilling, your Kube will be up and running in no time.  Kube can keep up with your family's demanding, active, thirsty life.

  • Efficient Operation
  • Compact System 
  • Innovative design
  • Long life Filters
  • Diy Connection 
  • intelligent monitoring 

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