Connect Your Kube in Minutes!

With a few simple tools and a desire to improve your drinking water, you'll be enjoying Kube water in less than 15 minutes. Watch our installation video to see just how easy it is.

360° View  

  1. Two Filters - maximize contaminant removal & maintain strong faucet flow
  2. Smooth Surface – easy to clean
  3. Angled Design - allows user to view display without bending down
  4. Front Indicator Gauge - keeps track of filter life so you don’t have to
  5. 100% Hydro Powered System – no electricity or outlet needed
  6. Standard Compression Fittings & Supply Lines - included for easy installation
  7. Twist & Lock Design - provides confidence that filters are securely engaged
  8. Bypass Feature - provides option of using filtered or non-filtered water
  9. Water Receptacle - confines excess water
  10. Flat Top - for possible storage
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